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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, eve to the end of the age."  Matthew 28:19-20


Reaching out to our church family, our community, our state, our country, our world........That is our purpose as Christians.  At Kimball Baptist we are currently actively involved in the following mission opportunities:


Mission Study:  God calls us to minister is a variety of different ways.  We are all called to share the Gospel where we are.  Some of us, however, are called to go to other places to share the good news, some are led to support through financial giving, and yet others feel the call to lift up those that are currently serving in the mission field in prayer.  Whatever our calling, there is a mission resource at KBC.   

  • The third Wednesday of each month is set aside for Adult Mission Study.
  • Children meet each Wednesday night to study missions.  The GA's (Girls In Action) enjoy a fun yet educational time to learn about missions while the RA (Royal Ambassadors) boys are busy with projects and a study of their own.  Children ages 3 through 6th grade are welcome to join us!
  • Students grades 7-12 have their time of Bible Study each Wednesday.  Missions are incorporated into this time.

Hemlock Ministry:  Each Wednesday afternoon a time of worship and sharing is held at the Hemlock Community Center.  This informal gathering is a time to share Jesus with adults and children. 


Higher Giving:  Kimball Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church that supports the following missions through giving: 

Spring Cleaning Day:  In April of each year, Kimball Baptist Church hosts a Spring Cleaning Day.  This is a special time of sharing and giving back to those in our community.  Activities on this day include:

  • Blood Drive - Jesus shed his blood on the cross for us and this is a great time to share our blood with those in need. 
  • Car Wash - Just as our sins were washed away when Jesus died on the cross, the KBC family washes the dirt from your auto.  Much like salvation, it is our free gift to you. 
  • Easter Egg Hunt - Come and hunt Easter Eggs with us!  Fun for children of all ages! 
  • Food Drive - Helping those that are in need is our Christian responsibility.  On this special day the KBC family collects food for the area food bank. 
  • Food -  Those who visit KBC during Spring Cleaning Day are offered a delicious hotdog and fixings as well as another treat or two! 

Operation Christmas Child: 

Kimball Baptist is an active participant in Operation Christmas Child.  In addition to a church wide effort each year to prepare shoe boxes filled with necessities and fun things, KBC is an official shoe box collection site.  To learn more about Operation Christmas Child, click here




Upcoming Events

October 01
Monday 5:00 PM
October 02
Tuesday 9:00 AM
October 09
Tuesday 9:00 AM
November 05
Monday 5:00 PM
December 03
Monday 5:00 PM
January 07
Monday 5:00 PM
February 04
Monday 5:00 PM
March 04
Monday 5:00 PM
April 01
Monday 5:00 PM
May 06
Monday 5:00 PM

When We Meet


Sunday School              9:45 AM

Morning Worship          11:00 AM

Evening Worship            6:00 PM


Ladies Prayer Group   10:00 AM


Prayer/Bible Study         6:30 PM

Bold Ministry (Youth)      6:30 PM

GA's/RA's (Children)      6:30 PM

Adult Choir Practice       7:30 PM

More Information:

Kimball Baptist Church

1500 Main Street

Kimball, TN  37347



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